IMG_9550Wow so much food has been consumed, and thrown on the floor, since my last post, I feel a bit sheepish! We have had a crazy time at home with lots of completely un-food-related things going on coupled with a severely over-full iPhone which often point blank refuses to take pictures because it’s too full but also won’t let me upload and then delete them either (*pulls hair out!) As a result I have not been as conscientious as I have wanted to be with uploading pictures to Instagram, and I have really struggled to find time to write my blog. I have spent plenty of time thinking about it, and what I would write, but with a sick and teething baby thrown into the mix, who goes to sleep no problem but refuses to stay asleep, everything has been a little off-track. I have found a moment – right now she is watching Waybuloo (thank you cBeebies) and I am getting my blog on.

As I have finished filling you full of excuses and apologies I’ll get into what’s been filling My Food Baby.  Over the last four weeks I have been doing some experimental cooking with varying degrees of success;


– Sugar free apple and raisin muffins. I was pretty happy with these and I will post the recipe in the recipes section of the blog. They were quick and easy to make, they were healthy for the girls, easy to carry around and quite nutritious – the only downside was I did find them a little dry.

Ready for Miss Toddler

– Pizza making (the cheat version). I bought some yummy fresh pizza bases from our local Italian grocer; I covered them with layer of tinned tomato (I would usually use a homemade tomato sauce but this was an “I need a meal STAT” moment) and then handed them over to Miss Toddler. I gave her bowls filled with the topping, grated cheese, sliced red onion, sliced mushrooms, red pepper / capsicum, tinned sweet corn and turkey breast slices torn up. I let her cover both pizzas herself, just adding a little extra toppings around the edges once she had finished as she tended to keep everything pretty central. This was such a fun and easy task for a 27 month old, she really enjoyed it and it was clear that she felt a great sense of achievement, happily telling Daddy about how she made the pizzas, and that she ate all the cheese hahahaha!

Eating all the cheese!

This is a great way to do pizza as you can get lots of sneaky veggies in there through the sauce and the toppings too. It was extremely quick, particularly using the premade base – you could also use Lebanese flat breads or pitta breads. Miss Toddler and My Food Baby loved the pizza, and so did Mummy and Daddy so it was an all round win.

Decorating with sweetcorn
The finished product

– Chunky vegetable soup / stew. This was a successful almost-bare cupboard/fridge meal that My Food Baby and Mummy really enjoyed, Daddy was happy when I added chicken. The soup was made without any salt or stock (just water) but was still really tasty as I used plenty of onion, garlic and herbs. The soup had leeks, courgette / zucchini, sweet potato and mixed beans and everything was nice and chunky for baby to get a good hold on – and to give the vegetation food the feeling of substance.

– Pizza (again), mini pizzas for My Food Baby. The base was a cut out from the middle of a wholemeal tortilla, the sauce was homemade pasta sauce, and the toppings were a little grated cheese, some pear slices and some rocket. She liked this a lot, I think I should have made the pizza bigger. I think this is a great way to introduce interesting flavour combinations, such as the pear and rocket, with the safety of cheese and tomato!

Pancake Face

– I have also been experimenting with pancakes – these have all been very tasty, but for some reason I really struggle to get consistently attractive looking pancakes. I have used the basic 1 egg, 1 cup milk, 1 cup flour recipe and then added mashed ripe banana and sultanas for really yummy pancakes. When I make plain ones I add fruit after – I have found frozen fruit works quite well as if you get it out of the freezer when you start making the batter then it is partially defrosted in time to mash on to the warm pancakes – yum yum – and great for shopping day or if you haven’t got any soft fruits.

All of my cooking for baby is without the use of salt or sugar, and if I feel the food requires salt for us, I add it after I have taken out the girls’ portions or on mummy and daddy’s plates.

Here is a quick round up of what else have we been eating a lot of this last month….EGGS – (hard) boiled, scrambled and in omelettes, SWEET CORN – tinned and on the cob, RICE CAKES – with vegemite, peanut butter, avocado and cream cheese and SPAGHETTI ‘BOLOGNAISE’ – I make the sauce between once a week and once a fortnight, and I make plenty so it does at least three meals. Everybody loves mummy’s pasta sauce, except mummy when she’s trying to get it out of clothes!! This sauce is such a great meal base as I can add meat for the carnivores, Quorn mince or extra veggies for me, and it can also be used for making a yummy pizza topping (and any other dish which requires a tomato base).

This week I managed to buy a set of pretty shaped fondant cutters which I am enjoying playing with. These were $5 for a set of about 20 cutters from Aldi. I am very happy with them, and although they are not as good as the metal bento vegetable cutters, they were significantly cheaper, and just as fun, I think! I can’t cut very hard things, such as carrots, with much success but I have had fun with strawberries, kiwis, cheese, turkey slices and mushrooms already. Keep an eye on Instagram @myfoodbabyblog for some more creative food photos.

Do you regularly go to a few old, or new, favourites and sprinkle other foods in, or do you have a constantly changing repertoire? Do you have any super easy, yummy, healthy meals that I am missing in my routine? I would love to hear from you.

CJ x


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