I feel insecure all the time, it is one of my most annoying traits, but could it be one of my best too (?) as it might just push me to be better. I am frequently anxious that I should be doing more, differently, or better in pretty much all aspects of life including parenting. I worry that my food isn’t healthy enough, exciting enough and that it doesn’t have enough variety. I look at other instamums and instadads and think “wow that food looks delicious / interesting / beautifully arranged / creative / well lit (!) / on gorgeous plates / in stunning homes……” The list goes on. Then I look at my own food and think, “wow the light it TERRIBLE in my house, my food looks so bland, argh my child is eating the same 5 meals on rotation (!), why can’t I make elaborate dinosaur / under the sea / fairy tale pictures with toast?! Etc” basically I do myself a disservice by comparing myself to other people (who really I know nothing about), when really I should just compare myself to myself. Am I doing the best I can, with what I have? And I think that most of the time the answer is Yes

 Sometimes a Babybel, a rice cake and half a banana is a totally valid meal choice! But sometimes a made from scratch lasagna or maybe a fully organic, ancient grains recipe is on the table. Some days my breast fed baby really isn’t interested in food at all and will barely eat, managing on a few snacks and plenty of mummy feeds – this can lead to guilt and anxiousness too – but I try to tell myself she usually eats normally and sometimes I have days where I am more or less hungry than others, and My Food Baby is a person too, even if she is a very small one! 

I do wish that I was a little more adventurous, and sometimes I put this lack of adventure down to Mr My Food Baby having a bit of a bland palette – he will argue black is white that he doesn’t but he does – and so I avoid making too many things that I know he won’t enjoy. He works very hard and him coming home to a yummy dinner is as important to me as it is to him. 

How I try to combat the feeling of insecurity and anxiousness is to do something about it. Sounds easy, and it is – sort of. So I know that I am not a master creator, I will not be creating pieces that could be in the museum of modern art or in a Disney film, but I can make meals hat look inviting….to me at least. I can’t buy every single cool and awesome plate I want – actually sometimes I try (I really really tried to buy some of the ezpzfun mats – they are awesome!) but I can pick up things that are within my budget or physical location and work with those – I have a stack of multi coloured round plates from IKEA which were cheap, durable and actually look pretty great in pictures πŸ‘πŸ» I don’t have the time – or the inclination – with two little monsters / cuties (depending on the day) running around to make every single morsel from scratch, but I can make pancakes, my own pasta sauce, salad dressings, muffins etc, and I take a lot of pride in these things when I do. I am no Martha Stuart, I’m more of a Mumma S’trying. 

 I love nothing more than putting down plates of yummy, healthy, filling food in front of the people I love. And when I see them gobble up the food, or even throw it on the floor, I feel happy and proud. I don’t feel insecure or anxious because I know I have done a good job. So to all the ladies and gents out there feeding your little ones, try not to be anxious, sad, insecure or jealous of other peoples’ talents – you have your own talents and the fact that you are putting a meal down in front of a hungry little face proves that, whatever it may look like πŸ˜‰ And sometimes it’s totally ok to take pictures on the floor because there’s just not enough clean bench space…

CJ x