IMG_8060I wouldn’t say I was a spectacular cook by any means, and My Food Baby’s Daddy has a somewhat limited range of preferred flavours (the nice way of saying he has a bland palate), but I do love to cook.  I like knowing my family are eating something yummy and hopefully nutritious, I take pride and joy in seeing them enjoy (or throw on the floor) something I have spent time and care making for them.

My mum is a great cook but she didn’t teach me to be.  We had a relatively small kitchen while I was growing up so there wasn’t loads of room to hang out in there while she was cooking and I probably didn’t take too much interest in learning either – I was happy to be fed and watered and generally kick back.  And so when I was about 20 I bought a whole heap of cookbooks from charity shops / op shops and I started carefully following them.  I learnt to cook by making recipes from these books, I grew to love cook books and began ferreting them out in second hand and new stores, until I had a collection that I was quite attached to.  Over time I became more comfortable substituting ingredients I didn’t have for others, and then adding or removing things as I began to get more of a feel for cooking.  One day I realised I was cooking much more intuitively and now refer to recipes from other people more for inspiration than reliance.  When I emigrated to Australia (from the UK), the books didn’t make the cut – but it was ok, I didn’t need them anymore.  (And of course I still have Google!)

You will notice that a lot of the food we eat is simple meat and veggies, or ‘chopped up’ rather than cooked up foods.  However I do like to bake and cook things that require a few more steps than:

  1. Turn on stove
  2. Heat food until cooked through.

So I will endeavour to pop them up on here – along with whether they were a boom or a bomb!  If there is anything you would like to know about what we buy, cook or eat please ask!

Recipes to follow soon.

CJ x


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